Was it yesterday or the day before
with backpack in hand she climbed out the door?
“Don’t worry Mommy, you’ll be OK.
I’m a big girl now, I start school today!”

It was just a week ago I’m sure, she was down on the floor.
Her brother in a headlock and the count was to four!
“Get up!” I exclaimed, “and don’t play that way!
You are way too rowdy, girl. You’ll see that one day.”

Seems like only a year ago she came running to me,
her hair in her face, she could hardly see.
“He said I’m pretty, Mom. I think I’m scared.
I don’t know what to do; I didn’t know he cared!”

Don’t breathe, you might miss it when time rushes past.
You’ve just kissed your baby; then she’s a woman so fast.
High school and college then a life of her own.
How could I know when I blinked she’d be grown?

My sweet little tomboy with a messy face.
Who never liked dolls or dresses with lace.
Who climbed in the trees and raced all the boys;
played football and Zelda and tore up her toys.

Where is my precious daughter, the baby I bore?
Did she grow up yesterday … or was it the day before?

I miss you. So much.


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