Merriam-Webster definition:  “tom-boy: a girl who enjoys things that people think are more suited to boys.”

tomboy pic

Your constant companions growing up were your two older brothers and my sister’s 4 boys. I’ve always told people you were raised by wolves.

Your brothers and cousins adored you and accepted you into the pack. They designated you “all time center” because you loved playing football and they wanted to keep you “in the pocket”.  I guess that’s about as safe as you can get in a game of football most times.

The boys taught you how to play with Barbie dolls, much to the horror of the few girls who eventually made their way into your young life. Your dolls looked like the throw away cast from the TV series “The Walking Dead”.  When the girls wanted to play “dolls”, you would get a look of unmitigated delight on your face, grab all the dolls and pieces in your arms and run out to the backyard with the water balloon launcher. The girls looked at you like you were an abomination as you launched the dolls and pieces into the neighbors’ backyard.  That’s how you played with dolls.  It was a miracle that the only human casualty in all this madness was one of your cousins who ended up with a big fat swollen black eye when the launcher backfired Ken Doll into his face.

So, you grew up tomboy and you wear it like a badge of honor.  It looks good on you.

I miss you.  So much


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