The Straight and Narrow

images (6)The old “straight and narrow.”  The road less traveled. The moral high ground.  You know what I’m talking about, my girl.  If you haven’t been on it, surely you’ve seen other people give it a try. It’s a tricky act. Don’t look down and don’t look around. Keep your eyes straight ahead.

If you lose your footing, you end up in a free fall. Some people land in what looks like a playground … so many possibilities! Some land in what feels like a brier patch … so much misery.  Either way, the struggle back is nearly insurmountable.  Many can’t make it back, more have no desire to even try.

There are lessons to be learned. Looking around while walking the straight and narrow might make a person become very judgmental of others: “If I can do this, why can’t they?” Shaky ground! Falling off provides a chance to learn mercy. Looking down while on the path provides only short-sighted focus and a constant striving for perfection. Loss of balance! Falling off furnishes an opportunity to learn humility. Either way you learn and you become a better person.

That “better person”, who struggles to get back, doesn’t look down, doesn’t look around and can now add doesn’t look behind. Lessons learned – eyes straight ahead. It’s not really a narrow path. It’s a tightrope on a slippery slope.

I miss you.  So much.

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