There’s a writer living in my head. My writer has a Muse. Sadly, my Muse has the soul of Hamlet. Tragedy gives her life. Only in the face of tragedy will the Muse raise her head from her hand, open her eyes and then demand of me to give words to her burgeoning, relentless soulful keening. She pitches an unrestrained tantrum in my brain until I finally give in, sit down and tell the tragic tales that must be told in haste before the next slumber.

How I wish my Muse, instead, had the soul of Feste. “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.” I long to have a Muse inspired by comedy. I could have such fun. I could mischievously play with phrases, compose shrewd satire, learn to be a clever “corrupter of words” and invent whimsical puns. I could spend my days playing the fool, finding even better jokes to play on myself and others with a delightfully witty pen.

I envy those inspired by a Muse of Comedy. After all, life is a comedy, right my girl? Although I do think the line between comedy and tragedy is somewhat fuzzy. Shakespeare knew that even the best comedy was only steps away from becoming a tragedy.

Alas, you can’t control The Muse.

I miss you, my precious daughter.


4 thoughts on “THE MUSE

  1. Anita Stout

    My husband calls me his grim little blonde – even though I haven’t been blonde in YEARS. Apparently it sounds better than grim little brunette or speaks more to his preference. Yes- another voice, another blog, another muse. I have a different voice on POETS than I have on my blog. My ex used to say “Make up your mind! Am I a hero or a goat?” My answer “Both. We all are!” (He was a bit more goat though. 🙂
    Are you on Twitter? If not we HAVE to get on there. It’s a great way to get your work out there. I’ll help.

    1. Post author

      hmmmm, two muses. Now I MUST find another muse in this head that has a different voice! I see some humor (ok, maybe dark) in my current posts sometimes and laugh when I post, but my husband always shakes his head and says: “So depressing, my dear, find some levity.”


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