Good Morning my lovely girl. Today, I’m on a rant about electronic devices in the digital age. I received a text message from your brother yesterday with a pic attached. His 7 month old son was on the floor playing with what looks like a big colorful toy version of a cell phone. I’m sure that baby will be connected as soon as he realizes what thumbs are really for these days. What is it with us humans and our electronic devices?

Would I rather be talking face to face with you instead of pouring my heart out to you in a online blog? Undeniably so. I also wish I had actually talked with you more instead of only texting with you for so many years. But, I can’t undo that now. Texting was just so quick and easy and to the point without all that messy human emotion that comes with speaking. Sad to me in retrospect. What I can do is make sure I have a human connection with the people that are still in my life now. I hope you are doing that, too. It’s important.

I must confess, though, I still have the “Voxer” voice message you sent me in January 2014. I play it over and over some days just to hear your voice one more time. Silly me, huh? After years of being satisfied with just texting, I now long to hear your voice, emotions and all. Electronic devices do have a few redeemable features 🙂

I miss you, my girl.


  1. Anita Stout

    Honestly! I sat in a restaurant with my 3 sisters watching them not talk to each other because they were playing words with friends with each other on their cellphones. The hardest thing for me to watch are families out for dinner with small children who are longing looking at their parents who are longingly looking at device screens. Wasted precious moments. Having jumped smack into your rant, I also agree that I love to hate them and hate to love them! Another great post.


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