“The Gift of Fear”

Some people like to feel afraid. Scary movies, scary books, even scary holidays seem to be SO appealing to the general public these days. Fear makes the hair stand up on your neck. You’ve felt it, right? That prickly sensation that makes your skin crawl? Then comes the “fight or flight” adrenaline rush. You try to tell yourself to ignore it, but your gut is telling you to get out of there fast or put your “dukes” up. The truth is, even though a lot of people use it for entertainment, fear can save your life.

We’re kind of embarrassed when we show our fear in public. The elevator door opens. You’re alone and it looks empty in there. Wait … there’s a shady figure standing off to the side, in the back corner. Your hair immediately stands up. Your gut tells you to wait for the next elevator. Your embarrassment tells you to quit being a sissypants, don’t insult the poor guy (or girl) and just get on the stupid elevator. What would YOU do, my girl? The same scenario plays out on empty streets and sidewalks, apartment building corridors, shopping malls and other public places all over the world. Our intuition senses something that our vision and logic simply cannot process. Many lives have been spared when a person listens to their fear and lets the elevator door close, turns down a different street, doesn’t go into a particular restaurant or locks their car door when a lone figure approaches.  Be careful and pay attention to your fear, it can save your life. Everyone should read and then re-read the book, “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker.

I miss you. So much, my girl.

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