The Blue Starfish

My Dearest Girl, I skyped with your oldest brother Sunday night. We talked about the blue starfish he pulled off a rock to show his wife while he was walking in chest deep water that was so clear he could see all the way down to the ocean floor. It’s so beautiful. It looks like blue play dough. I imagined it to be one of his silly pranks, but it’s real. Google blue starfish in Saipan.

I could have small-talked with him for hours about that blue starfish he picked up that still lives in the little bay in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, or the unbearable heat on the island and the things he misses from the States and any other thing his heart wished to discuss. Instead, he decided to take me to that place I despair to go and watched helplessly as my smile faded away and my whole world turned dreary. I could feel him desperately reaching backwards to try to get us back where we were before he spoke your name.

I miss you. So much.


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