Take Me To Church

There’s a new church on the world scene these days. What do you think it is, this new church? Is it a place? Are there seats or pews? Is it a theology, a new belief born from the disaster of the old church of our parents and their parents? How many followers? I know one thing for sure. The new “church” is definitely NOT your Daddy’s church, no matter where you’re from.

In the US, the new church can be so many things. In the most liberal states, marijuana bars have become a new church. The true believers meet routinely to worship together. I’ve heard it’s turned into a booming business. I’m convinced, however, that the biggest “church” is the church of Music. The lyrics of songs speak to some as though the words came straight from God’s mouth to their ears via the entertainer. There is an entire generation of people that laid down the Bibles their parents gave them and picked up the lyrics of a song or an album they heard when they were 19 as their new hymnal. They embark on a new life path because a certain musical passage describes their ethos perfectly. My parents had me memorize the 91st Psalm in my preteen years. You chose, my precious daughter, to memorize the lyrics of a Modest Mouse song.

Sheet music, a guitar, a violin, drums and keyboard draws more and more people to worship their idols in concert stadiums around the world. The new collection of riffs and words from the minds of contemporary artists is the new bible for the new generation.  Have you ever watched a music concert on TV with the sound off? Spooky.

Lyrics, my girl. Made up by musicians who were probably high when they wrote them. Now millions worldwide know the words and tunes to thousands and thousands of songs and quote them like they are the gospel. Yep, I get them stuck in my head, too. Hypnotic.

It’s not just ONE thing, though, is it?  It’s a collection of things (take your pick). A “church” that will mold itself into the shape of anything that can be idolized and is designed to meet the needs of many different people. It will shape itself into whatever they may be looking for, in whatever country they live. A collective, always morphing “buffet church” with a smorgasbord of empty calories and promises.

Well, those are some of my thoughts about the “new church”. Nope, it’s not your Daddy’s church, that’s for sure.

I miss you, my girl.


2 thoughts on “Take Me To Church

  1. Anita Stout

    Yes, there sure is a new church in town. It’s the church of “whatever makes me feel good.” The church of “tell them what they want to hear – what they NEED to hear is passe.” It’s the church of “if it feels good do it, if you think it say it if you want it get it whether you can afford it or not.” The “new church” is really just the old “not going to church.”


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