Sweet Dreams

MAI had lunch with my Mom this past Sunday afternoon. She was rushing to get ready for work, but she took time to sit down with me and catch up on things. She was so vibrant and healthy. You were there too, my girl, for some reason. You were talking to someone on your phone and I stood in the doorway of your room watching you. I didn’t want to interrupt your conversation. You were so beautiful to me. Your eyes flashing at me like: “Don’t go, Mom, I’ll be finished in a minute!”  Then I woke up.

Dreams, who can figure them?  They produce such sweet images, vivid sounds and strong feelings and then they’re gone! We are so lucky when we remember them.  Eerily real.

My mom died young in 1984. When I dream about her, she is NEVER sick and always in some hurried process of getting something done. Like she knows she’s only got just those few minutes of my dream to finish up,

I was looking at photos of both of you last week. How much the two of you resemble. Her left eye droops just a little when she’s tired, just like yours.  Long neck, slender face, blunt cut bangs on your foreheads. I’m guessing that’s why you were in my dream together. She never got to know you and I’m sure you two would have adored each other.

I miss you.  So much.

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