Who could excite our imaginations better than the ancient Greeks? Every nation knows the tale of the Greek’s mythological Phoenix. Rising up out of the ashes to soar.  You can’t deny that there’s something about this particular Greek myth that speaks to all humans. We just love stories about life-transforming success in the face of tragic ruin.

If I could wish anything for you, my darling daughter, this would be your story. I’m on your side. I’m your foremost cheerleader. You don’t see me or hear me, but I’m here everyday – begging you to get back on your feet, rise from the ashes and soar. Go, my girl!

I miss you. So much.




4 thoughts on “OUT OF THE ASHES

  1. Ramona

    A beautiful letter, Suzan. I love the myth of the Phoenix too, I think it holds so much hope and inspiration. It’s like a shot in the arm. You know, it’s like, “There’s more! There CAN be more…” I love that intimation.

  2. Anita Stout

    Great post! I LOVE the picture! The Phoenix was my go to bird while I was going through tough times. I did a post on Channeling Your Inner Phoenix quite awhile ago. I’d forgotten about it till now.


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