Nerd Girl

nerdgirlMy nerd girl. I always loved it when you had new research projects to discuss with me! You took me with you on intellectual journeys from your fascination with Tesla’s AC induction motor, which started the “War of Currents” in the 1880’s with Edison’s then widely accepted DC distribution system, down to the present day with Stephen Hawking’s quantum gravity research. Along the way you introduced me to William Reich who invented a sit-in box in the 1930’s that used orgone energy and the “anti-entropic principle of the universe” to treat and cure many diseases, books on women who fall in love with psychopaths and a plethora of healthy food programs and ways to increase energy. You had many other ideas and subjects too numerous to recount on this page, but what wondrous worlds we explored together!

I miss all the late night texts I received when you were SO excited to get me to buy some new book you just read or to Google some new thing you’d been investigating that you simply couldn’t wait until the next day to get me started on.  Thank you, my precious girl, for all the times you shared the busy world inside your head with me.  No boring stuff in there!

I miss you.  So much.



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