Mothers and Daughters


It’s Monday again. Today, I can feel the nearness of you.  How could I not, since we were as intimate as two humans could be for 9 months? Me watching you grow from the outside; you listening to me live from the inside.  The two of us joined in one simply amazing miracle of growth and life.

Mothers and daughters – connected in some inexplicable way to the immediacy of each other regardless of the distance. You are near me today the way a mom can be on a crowded playground and yet the sound of her toddler’s mere whimper is as piercing and separate from all the clamor as if they were the only two people on earth. I can hear you today and I know, too, you’re crying for me.

If only I could touch you one more time, my precious daughter. My kingdom for one more day of that.

I miss you.  So much.







2 thoughts on “Mothers and Daughters

  1. Anita Stout

    Beautiful. So true about being able to hear our children cry out of millions of other voices. Once in the hospital after delivering my 5th I called down to the nursery to ask them to bring my son to me since he was crying. They were baffled as to how I could possibly have know. There was no way to hear him. I felt him.


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