My precious girl:  A person can be lost in so many ways.  Physically, mentally, spiritually, directionally, personally, or metaphorically; but what does it matter, really?  Lost is lost.  Just not there anymore — regardless of which “kind” of lost.  Sometimes they’re found but often they’re not. Many times they don’t want to be found, but then, they secretly hope you will never give up waiting or looking for them.  Occasionally, their disappearance may lead to a new beginning somewhere else and other times it just might lead to the end. Perhaps the physical body is actually gone, or sometimes maybe the soul has just gone walk-about.  Not knowing is the greatest sadness of all.

The exact day and time I lost you is burned permanently in my memory. February 27th 2014. We Skyped until 8:30 pm that night.  Me sitting on the edge of my chair in front of my computer, home – all by myself. You, exactly 1802.01 miles away; sitting on the edge of your chair, home – all by yourself. “You’re breaking the rules, now”  you said before we disconnected that night.  My life has been filled with profound sadness since that moment so long ago.

I miss you.  So much.


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