Lions and Tigers and Bears

I have proof that I’m being stalked by wild animals! I read an article today about a scientific study on “psychoneuroimmunology” (PNI). A field of science that studies the interaction between your mind, brain and immune system and the hormones that are released when the body/mind is either under stress or when the body/mind is happy.

Your body puts out little warning signals here and there that it’s stressing if you’re not out there “running for your life” to reduce the stress. You know, the flight or fight response to the release of those hormones. No flight – no fight = pent up stress.

Did you know that your master glands release an immune-suppressing hormone when you feel stressed and if you don’t do something you will become unhealthy? So, your blood pressure can creep up a bit (the lion). Your cholesterol ticks up a couple notches (the tiger). You catch a few more colds this year than last (the bear). The good news is that you can change all that by forcing yourself to be happier and more active.

The article stated that if stress makes us sick, then happiness can make us healthy. Brilliant, really, because those same master glands also have the ability to release immune-boosting hormones when you feel happy. Even five minutes of laughter/happiness (cuddle with your purring cats or watch comedy videos or exercise) can significantly lower your blood pressure and boost your number of white blood cells – our own natural killer cells that fight back for us. Managing your emotions is a powerful way to boost your immune system.

Hey, I can always use any good old excuse to get more cats! Force myself to watch some really funny movies or make myself go for a walk or even a run or two. Think that’ll fake them wild animals out and get me back on track? OR, I could just run awayyyyyyy.

I miss you. So much.

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