Lessons from Sophie the Cat


Sophie is my rescue cat.  She’s five years old. I’ve had her four years and I still can’t pet her, unless I want to bleed. She’s afraid of hands. I was told by the humane society that she lived the first year of her life in a pet carrier because her young caregiver was too afraid to let her landlord know she had a cat. She came to the humane society when the landlord found out. Sophie was so overwhelmed when I brought her into my 1700 square foot home that she shivered uncontrollably for at least the first two weeks. I haven’t given up on her, yet. (although I’ve threatened to take her to the nearest Chinese restaurant on more than one occasion, haha!) She follows me around the house just to be close, but not to be touched. One day, she WILL come to me and I’ll hold her like she’s always been the love of my life. So, here are just 5 of many lessons from Sophie that I want to share with you, my precious girl.

Lesson #1:  The people who really love you will continue to love you – no matter how much you make them bleed.

Lesson #2:  Be careful. Calculate the distance before you leap. If you don’t see the way clear, stop and take a nap. Recalculate.

Lesson #3:  Never settle for less than you deserve. Be picky.

Lesson #4:  Sit at the window and look at the outside world, but instinctively know that you’re safest when you’re inside.

Lesson #5:  Simple cat fact:  An open door will lure you outside. You’ll go crazy and not be able to find your way home for a while. It will be OK because we ARE looking for you.

I miss you.  So much.

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