“The world” is a symbolic phrase for things that exists here on the literal earth. It’s a term used by psychologists, philosophers, religious and literary figures when referring to the “world of mankind”, the “world of art”, the “music world”, etc. Those proud to be called “worldly” people are described as wise and experienced in the “ways of the world.” They would consider it a weakness to be called innocent or guileless.

Now we live in a world where good is bad and bad is good. Nothing even shocks us anymore. The world has become a battlefield where anything goes. The inexperienced and innocent are often victims of the deceptive and disingenuous. The master of this worldly warfare is not after adulation, popularity or friends. The battle is rigorous and persistent and the end goal is to furnish a horrific display of as much carnage as possible. Don’t be fooled, neither love nor hate is of any consequence in this epic skirmish. It’s only the body count that matters and the hunt is on for the last of the innocents as the final battle approaches.

I’m not an innocent. I’m not a warrior, but neither am I a coward. The best I can do is dig my heels in and try to stand my ground. Yet, as I stand here, I’m profoundly ashamed and sad that I wasn’t paying more attention and standing guard for you, my girl. You know I would have tried to become a warrior to protect you and I would have fought to my death. Would it have helped in the end? Did you even want my help? Who knows?  But all I can see from here is that I let my only precious daughter slip away undefended. That will be my epitaph.

I miss you. So much

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