Irony, The Dark Joke

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It happens to all of us

This is my story of irony. I raised you, my precious girl, to be independent and self sufficient. I taught you the important things I learned from my parents.  Good moral values, a love of learning, to think for yourself and to stand apart from the crowd. I wanted you to be able to navigate through this life with a solid set of uncompromising principles, and to use those concepts to make wise and deliberate decisions.

So, what is The Dark Joke? I did not anticipate that you would ever make deliberate decisions that would snatch you out of my life. I expected you continue on with your life the way I taught you. Isn’t that funny, in the saddest way possible? After I was so determined and proud of raising you to be a thoughtful and independent human being, you chose to “opt out” of my life. Such an ironically cruel joke on me!

I miss you.  So much.


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