HOW DO I LOVE THEE, my precious daughter? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS:

1.  I LOVE your smile. I’ve watched it light up a room, but I loved most how it lit up my life.

2.  I LOVE your courage. You’ve never been afraid to jump in at the deep end – no fear.

3.  I LOVE your freckles. The sun kisses your face in the most beautiful places.

4.  I LOVE your laugh. It’s magical, like fairies dancing on wind chimes.

5.  I LOVE that you never run out of words and playfully make some up, when needed.

6.  I LOVE your confidence. It shows in the way you dress, think, speak and live.

7.  I LOVE your kooky curiosity. You look at every side of a matter; then go look again.

8.  I LOVE how YOU love to make your own music and play nearly every instrument.

9.  I LOVE that you’re a crazy cat lady. They know it, too, and they stick to you like lint.

10. I LOVE that you love me. Even when you can’t tell me. I know it and I love you MORE.


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