Gratitude For What Remains

My precious girl, here we are in February already. Can you believe it’s been almost a year since you made your official exit from my life? I feel like I’ve only worn my sad face since that night. I want a face that shows gratitude for all the good things that remain in my life, not a face that’s a reflection of my losses. I know people who wear their bitterness right up front for all to see. They have a face that shows the loathing they feel because of their desperate want of heart. I don’t want that nasty face; it might get stuck like that, right?

I want to breathe in all the beauty in my life, and there is a lot. I can’t let the despair over your decision to abandon that beautiful life define mine. Gratitude is the heart’s memory. You’re still a part of my life, because you are indelibly written there. I won’t give up hope that you’ll come back one day.

I do have such gratitude for what remains – and this gratitude can be my new face. Maybe it’ll get stuck like that.  😀






6 thoughts on “Gratitude For What Remains

  1. Gary Mathews

    Great attitude, for what I can only imagine is a tough place. Scanning over some old posts of yours and I couldn’t agree more with the previous comments, you writing is amazing!

  2. Ramona

    Your writing comes from a place of such tenderness and power, Susan. I think you should consider collecting it all in one place and sticking a title on the first page. Beautiful…


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