Good For Goodness’ Sake

My beautiful daughter, what has happened to goodness for the sake of goodness? When you watch the evening news, doesn’t it appear that most of the world has forgotten this concept? Sometimes it looks like there is no goodness left in the world, or it seems like people expect a reward when they do get around to doing good. Something is wrong in life these days. Bad is good and good is bad.

Many thanks to the people who take a moment to give their own shoes to the homeless, rescue a drowning dog from a river, give breathing support to a kitten pulled out of a smoking building, provide food and shelter for starving children, give medical help at risk of their own health or offer a message of hope, life and peace to the downtrodden – with no expectation of a reward – except knowing in your own heart you’ve done something good.

This world could use more goodness for goodness’ sake, right my girl?


4 thoughts on “Good For Goodness’ Sake

  1. Ramona

    A beautiful letter, Susan. And a really good point too. I’ve stopped watching the 5 o’clock news because they’re always full of terrible stories. I do struggle to accept that this is the world we live in – the world that we’ve made for ourselves. Great post.


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