Girl Gone Walkabout

My precious daughter, it’s been over a year since you decided to go walkabout. I don’t know what made you slip off the grid in the end.  Sometimes, I think maybe your desperate need to be “you” finally won out over your desperate need to be “perfect.” My sweet girl, I understand you had to be exhausted. What a battle!

I never expected you to be perfect, because God knows I’m not. You were always much harder on yourself than I could have ever been. It’s part of the human condition to make mistakes – over and over and it’s not easy to forgive yourself and keep moving forward. I didn’t anticipate the possibility that you would come to a full stop and disappear.

I can only hope that your need to be you eventually leads you right back to me. You know where I am; my arms wide open and a heart full of love.

I miss you. So much.




4 thoughts on “Girl Gone Walkabout

  1. Ramona

    Another beautiful letter, Susan. You should collect these into a little anthology and find someone to publish them. I’m sure many people would appreciate the depth of feeling – I know I do.

    1. Post author

      Ramona, thank you SO much for making me think about other things I could be doing besides just pouring my heart out in a blog. When this is a thing of the past, I may be able to look at it with different eyes and spin it into a beautiful story with a happy ending. I’m optimistic, always!

  2. Anita Stout

    Another beautiful post. My heart hurts thinking about how hard it must be living with this void. I believe your daughter will find you again. It won’t erase this hurt but the joy will make it hard to remember it!


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