Everyday Scenes from Everyday Lives

I sat in my driveway this afternoon when I got home from work and observed the everyday things going on around me. I watched a couple walk their dogs past the house. I looked over next door at my neighbor push mowing his grass one final time for the year. A late school bus was stopped down at the corner with the last three kids getting off. Everyday scenes from everyday lives moving along at just an ordinary pace.

Babies are born and grandfathers die. New houses are built and old ones collapse. Fields are cropped, corporations sold, mail delivered and on and on. Cycles repeating, going relatively unnoticed; a world of ordinary.

Until the unexpected happens in your own small world. Then ordinary pops up and smacks you right in the face and makes you pay attention. That’s when you sit in your driveway and remotely observe the normal lives of others. Like you’re living a slow-motion life in a light-speed world.

You know what I mean, my girl?

I miss you. So much.




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