Eulogy for Horn the Beautiful

This is a Eulogy for your beautiful Egyptian Mau, my girl. I mentioned him in a previous post entitled: Maus in the House. His name was Horn. Weird name for a cat, but I remember the conversation between you and your cousin that led to his name. It was a joke, because who would really name a cat “Horn?”

He was the most photogenic cat I’ve ever personally known. I don’t know how you managed to catch him in all those poses!

I know, my precious daughter, that he died on Monday. And I know your heart must be broken because he’s been your companion since he jumped out that box into your arms so many years ago.

This is my way of being there with you in your grief. I will miss him, too.



6 thoughts on “Eulogy for Horn the Beautiful

  1. Ramona

    Oh, oh, cuteness! You’re right, Horn must be the most photogenic feline ever to have walked the Earth! I’m sorry. Sometimes I’m glad that my son doesn’t want any pets, because it’s terrible when they’re suddenly not there anymore. I still remember the pain of losing my first dog… An intense post.


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