The meaning of dreams; one of life’s great mysteries. I’ve always wondered what babies dream about? Why do they frown and stick out their bottom lip and then suddenly break out in a radiant smile two seconds later? Where does that little far away cry come from when they’re sleeping – the one that’s not the real cry of hunger or fear or for a nappy change – the one that sounds like it comes from the long end of a tunnel? What makes them break out in that little throaty giggle that comes out of nowhere; like maybe God just told them a joke that only babies get and hear when they’re asleep?

Babies don’t have enough life experience to dream about much. Maybe the memory of the warmth and safety of mom’s steady rhythmic heartbeat before they were born would make them smile. Or perhaps in their dreams they recall waking up alone in the dark and that’s what makes them cry out while in a deep sleep? Who knows?

As adults, we know our dreams are sometimes fractured re-enactments of things that have happened in our lives. Or real things that are happening right now that our dreamstate tries to explain to our sleeping self. Like I’m trying to find where the heck the door is and wake to hear my phone playing the doorbell sound for an incoming text message.

Yep, we grown up people have a lot of life experiences dreams can use to give us either happy dreams or twisted nightmares. I am wondering what kind of dreams you’ve been having lately, my girl. People and things that have played the biggest roles in our lives can’t help but show up in our dreams. I think the subconscious mind simply must find a way to make us remember those important things.

I miss you. So much.



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