“Don’t Worry Mom.”

tumblr_l8lnkc9kVY1qaobbko1_1280“Don’t worry Mom, I’m okay.”

Really, my girl? Is there ever a time that a Mom or Dad stops worrying? Did it stop after you took your first breath? No! Absolutely not when you first started walking. First day of school? First day behind the wheel? First date? College? First job? I can’t think of a single day in your life that I finally took a deep breath to say: “Hallelujah, glad all that worrying #@$* is over!”

My parents were the same … I remember. And their parents before them, all the way back to the beginning of parenthood. The energy spent by thousands of years of fretting parents has not changed one single thing, good or bad, from happening.

It’s like living your life in a rocking chair.  You never stop moving, and you never get anywhere. The unexpected and the unthinkable continues to happen everyday.

But still, asking me not to worry was like asking me not to breathe.

I miss you.  So much.

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