Choices can be so difficult, my girl. Some choices only affect the life we are living today. Others reach far into the future and have a lasting effect on what our life will become. It would be a mistake to oversimplify and try to fit them all into only two categories of “good or bad; black or white”. Thank goodness for most of us, living our lives happens in the gray areas. That’s where mercy, acceptance and forgiveness lives.

If I could go back and give you just two bits of advice, I would tell you that when choices seem the hardest, my precious girl, listen first to your spiritual self. It may be drowsy or hibernating in a cave or adrift in a sea of doubt, but it’s still alive and it’s in there somewhere. The second bit of advice? When the choice is difficult, always choose family.

The good news is that in nearly 99% of life’s choices, you have the capability to change your mind; go in a different direction or choose another path. The other 1% is life in the danger zone. Stay out of there.

I miss you. So much


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