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I’ve been reading articles about Cat Cafes. Apparently, in Asia, there are LOTS of animal lovers who live in metropolitan cities like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, all crammed into small tight places, unable to have any pets.  So some really inventive people came up with the idea of “cat cafes” decades ago in Asia.  Cat lovers pay a fee to visit and spend time with the cats at these cafes. The idea recently spread to Europe and Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium opened on March 1, 2014 in London. It’s wildly popular. They’re booked solid, weeks in advance. New York City had a “pop-up” (temporary) Cat Cafe in April 2014 for four days, sponsored by Purina ONE and it was a huge success. Entrepreneurs out on the west coast are trying to get something going in their cities, two in California – San Diego’s is called The Cat Cafe and San Francisco’s is called KitTea. Seattle is trying to get one started called Hillcat Cafe. I know my city is much smaller than any of those places, but I think it could work here since it’s both a college town and a retirement town. Many people who love animals move in and out of this area often, but don’t have the time or the living situation to own pets. Many apartment complexes either don’t allow pets or charge a HUGE fee for them.

The other places are partnering with local rescue/adoption agencies or their local chapter of the Humane Society to find cats with the right temperament to live at the cafes, until adopted. Health laws are really difficult in the US and each individual county can make them even more difficult. In most places you cannot serve food indoors in a place where animals are kept, but single serve beverages can be served in take out cups only and the coffee/tea area has to be partitioned off so the cats are unable get into the service area. Crowd-funding is an option to help get it going. Lady Dinah’s in England was completely crowd-funded. I’ve been looking for some strategic locations that might work here, I could call it “Schrodinger’s Cat Cafe”.  Haha!


If I could only talk with you about these things.

I miss you.  So much.





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