Blue-eyed Kitty Committee

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I have two cats.  Sophie, the rescue cat and Lars the Siamese cat. Sophie came from the Humane Society, as an only child. Lars came from a family who runs a horse farm in the country. Their animals were so socialized their horses had miniature donkeys for pets!

Lars was a very needy six weeks old when we brought him home. Sophie was a loner so it was hate at first sniff in her opinion. He was never going to eat HER food and he certainly was not going to claim HER bed. So, Mom set some ground rules, well, as much as you can do with cats. I make them share a room at night and they get a bedtime snack if they follow me to their room peacefully. Their bedroom is designed so they can traverse the entire room without touching the floor. Fleece blankets, soft pillows and multi-level shelves are strategically placed all around so they don’t even have to be close to each other in the night.

Now they watch me. All the time. Like furry little gargoyles, they hover. They follow me around. They want to eat when I eat. They want to nap where I nap. If I even start to move, their antennae go up as though ALL the energy in the room suddenly begins to change and they want to be pulled along.  I believe I can say with a certain amount of confidence that they have me trained pretty darn well.  Don’t you think, my precious girl?

I miss you.  So much.

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