If I had the energy and the desire to do something, I might consider changing my name to Anhedonia. Different, right? Pretty in an odd sort of way. Sounds exotic and distantly romantic. In some cultures outside the US, your name does actually mean something. If Anhedonia was my name, some days it would describe me perfectly. “It’s so much easier to do nothing than it is to do something.” That’s what a friend said to me recently. I agreed and immediately recognized it as truth.

Come on, I dare you. Delete me from your contacts. Cancel a date with me. Mark me off your list of people to be included in your next super big work project. I, too, might even view those revocations as “snow days.” Just so I can get back to the easy comfort of doing nothing.

In my opinion, all the other people in the world who are doing anything at all are extremists in an exhilarated hurry. Because anything moving faster than nothing is pretty fast. Right, my girl?

I miss you. So much.


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